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“Twenty-five year life span! Wow!”

"I was always stockpiling food for emergencies, and other items as well as food…I have thrown away so much food, just because it's expired and I haven't been able to get to it. When this came along I thought, twenty-five year life span! Wow! … They keep in touch with you. You get your emails, you get your confirmations, and then you can track your shipment. It just came so quick. It came right when they said it would come."
- Wanda - Click play to listen to Wanda’s message…
“Highly recommend ordering your product…”

"All our orders were received in perfect condition and in containers that make storage and inventory easy to access when needed. Very organized with labeling, highly recommend ordering your product for friends and family and anyone who wants to look ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. Thanks!"

- Jeff W.
“I’ve been taught to always be prepared and now we are…”

"I love the container that the food came in, it’s great. We’ve tried the creamy chicken and rice to see if we would like the food and we love it as well. I have never felt insecure because of my upbringing, but I’ve also been taught to always be prepared and now we are thanks to your Food4Patriots. We have a small supply of storable food and useable water and seeds. I would gladly recommend this product to my family and friends and to people on the street as well."

- Clynda P.
“I just can’t thank you enough about it...”

“This is an awesome product…I would definitely refer [Food 4 Patriots] to my mother, my father, my best friend, my pastor. The food is great. The product is well wrapped. And I just can’t thank you enough about it. Awesome work you guys. God Bless You.”
- Satisfied Food4Patriots Customer - Click play to listen to this customer’s message…
“I am recommending these to all my friends and family…”

"The packages are good size and easy to use. I am recommending these to all my friends and family members to get these food packs for any emergency."

- Frank S.
“The life expectancy of your product is what attracted me…”

"The life expectancy of your product is what attracted me. Now that my first order has arrived, I like the fact that the package, once I moved the label to the inside of the lid, doesn’t scream “food storage” to unwelcome/prying eyes. I had been concerned about stocking up with foodstuffs that wouldn’t last more than two to four years. This cuts down on bulk greatly, too. The only thing that would prevent me from recommending this to a friend would be that I don’t want my ‘friends’ to know I have it! My hope is that we never need to worry about surviving through hard times, but it certainly isn’t looking good for the USA or the world right now."

- Jan H.
“You can bank on their words…”

“They [Food 4 Patriots] speak the truth, they don’t sell gimmicks. They really do speak the truth. They perform what they say they'll do… You can bank on their words as far as what they say…I appreciate you guys. I appreciate the Patriots. Because time will tell but I think Frank Bates is going in the right direction.”
-David D. - Click play to listen to David’s message…
“I think there’s good value…”

“Out here in Colorado, we have blizzards. We're pretty fortunate because we're used to it. The roads are closed for a day. But what if they don't open? What about a tornado? What about - you know what I mean? …That's the reason I was happy to find Food4Patriots. I think there's good value. It is expensive but the flipside is going out and buying 27 numbered tin cans and giving it up and sealing it myself. I think it more than makes up for the price.”

- Clifford
“I’ll be buying more ASAP!!!”

"Dear Frank, It was so good to receive my supplies! Even facing winter up here in the woods can leave one without power for days! I was really impressed with the individual packing, but the big storage bin made it well worth the investment…but I have to say that getting the Heritage seeds - as a bonus - really made me feel like this was the best deal I’ve got so far!!! I’ll be buying more ASAP!!! Thank you so much!"

- Jessica S.
“The most important thing is your food tastes great.”

“Hello Frank – this is Rolf K. and I am one of your very happy customers. The most important thing is your food tastes great. I’ve tasted 2 out of the 4 entrées in one of the small packages and I now have a tub and three other small packages set away…and am feeling pretty good about it. Keep up the good work!”
-Rolf K. - Click play to listen to Rolf’s message…
“What impressed me most was the packaging.”

"What impressed me most was the packaging. It showed concern for long-term storage and the tote is compact and easy for anyone to handle. I do feel better prepared now…I would definitely recommend FOOD4PATRIOTS to my friends and relatives."

- Clarence H. – Texas
“I do feel better…”

"I like the construction of the containers, the listing on the outer side panel of contents. They can be stacked 1 on top of the other. I do feel better knowing I have a year’s supply of food on hand."

- Molly S.
“It’s easy to prepare…”

"It is easy to prepare. It tastes great. And the plastic boxes it came in are so easy to store ANYWHERE! I definitely feel more prepared having these on hand. And am trying to save up more money to get some additional months of security. Yes, I would recommend this product for the reasons listed above AND because it is so important to be prepared for whatever happens to the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Thank you for coming up with such a helpful and easy to implement plan for our preparations. I can tell that this website really cares about America and Patriots! ! !"

- Eileen
“Thanks for supplying all this stuff for us…”

“I like the pricing for what I got. I like the containers that they were shipped in; I can stack them and leave them in storage... I plan on buying about four more of these minimum and then after that I will hopefully be looking pretty good. Anyway, thanks for supplying all this stuff for us because I think we’re all going to be needing it in very short time.”
- Satisfied Food 4 Patriots Customer - Click play to listen to this customer’s message…
“Brought me peace of mind...”

"I would like to thank Frank Bates and 4Patriots for reaching out to their fellow Americans with all their survival hints and instructions. My purchase of Food4Patriots has indeed brought me peace of mind. Anyone has access at this time, to make this purchase even if they are only slightly survival minded. I particularly loved the choices in the different price and size ranges for the Food4Patriots product. These are the reasons I am so satisfied with my purchase:
  • It arrived non descriptive, nicely packaged, and in a timely manner.
  • I was surprised how protectively packed the products themselves are, and I particularly loved the strong storage bin it is stored in. The fact that it has a shelf life of 25 years, if it is properly stored, is an added plus! Freeze dried is the way to go!
  • And of course, all the different choices of nourishing, healthy, tasty, and attractive meal choices are reassuring! I intend to make a second purchase in the near future, as my budget allows because it just makes sense.
Frank, thank you again for stepping up and sharing your knowledge with people like myself that wouldn’t stand a chance if not for your courage. Of course this is not for free, but it is fairly priced to give anyone an opportunity to achieve a chance for survival that we would not have ordinarily.God bless you!"

- Lynn G.
“It’s comforting to have a backup supply of food...”

"Like the containers the food came in. In these and more troubled times to come, it’s comforting to have a backup supply of food. Will recommend the product after we have had an opportunity to sample some of the food items."

- Franklin J.
“Light weight and easy to prepare...”

"I bought these packets to use for camping, because they are light weight and easy to prepare."

- Jeanine H.
“I really like the 25-year life…”

“Hi Frank – this is Patrick Connors. Ordered your food and what really caught my attention was the 25-year life of it. I have currently some food that only lasts about 10 years and then it was no good to eat so I really like the 25-year life. Thanks!”
- Patrick C. - Click play to listen to Patrick’s message…
“I know the product is a superior product...”

"The packaging is fantastic - they went right on the shelf. Coming from you I know the product is a superior product and will be great when I need them. I feel even more secure with your product because it would be the first item that I would load up in an emergency. Yes, I would definitely recommend your superior product to others"

- Lorin F.
“I am prepared…”

"I love your product. “I am prepared.” It allows me the feeling of being self-reliant to know my wife and I have the ability to survive an event of emergency…I have always tried to live by one of my greatest thoughts, ‘I would rather have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.’ …I have recommended this product to several friends and family."

- Luther C.
“They were just fantastic…”

“They were just fantastic, the customer service. That gal in there is just great. That’s why I got another year for each one of us, got three more years. I said, ‘Okay, well, if they’re going to stand behind their product and its good and everything, I’m going to buy it’…They're just fantastic. It’s a great product.”
- Bob R. - Click play to listen to Bob’s message…
“I wish I could afford more of them…”

"I like that this is compact, protected and safe. I now feel more able to feed my family in time of crisis. I wish I could afford more of them."

- Mark S.
“You get far more [than] what you pay for…”

"I like the portability, ease of storage, product longevity, and the taste isn’t bad either. A great way to start and build a strong, tasty emergency food storage. This is the best way to go. The pricing is good, too. The old adage about you get what you pay for….with this system you get far more and better that expected what you pay for."

- Brian M.
“Surprised how big the portions were...”

"I was really excited when I received my box of 3-month food storage. When I opened it and saw 2 tubs packed full of dehydrated food I had to look at everything. I was surprised how big the portions were. (4 1/2 cups water: potato soup) one package! I know when I ordered that you said these were adult portions, but I was very pleased with getting more than I thought was an adult portion. With the signs of the times on top of us, it is very important to be prepared. I have been preaching this for years to friends and neighbors. It is heart wrenching to get laughed at and to be called paranoid. I love that you guys get it and that we are on the same page :) I have had problems at times with my food storage in rotation and having to use up things before the expiration date and then to restock. I love the security of what you sent me will last 25 years…It is exactly what I have been wanting to stock up on. Going to save up and order again. It is very comforting to know this is on my shelf! Thank You!"

- Dale M.
“Kind of a good thing to have stored down in the basement…”

“Hey Frank – this is Charlie D. in Springfield, Illinois. I really like the 4-week food supply. Kind of a good thing to have stored down in the basement in case…well, you know.”
- Charlie D. - Click play to listen to Charlie’s message…
“Your supply pack is compact yet FULL…”

"I really like the fact that your supply pack is compact yet FULL. It also is unremarkable in appearance therefore saving me ALL the questions from outsiders so less risk to me and mine…nobody but us knows what it is…I do feel quite a bit more prepared and confident that WE will be ok for a window of time in a crisis and yes I would recommend this to the select few that I trust and care about."

- Pam F.
“I intend to buy more…”

"Frank, I like the 3 month food supply I bought from you and I intend to buy more once funds are available. The long shelf life is worry free and no matter when s**t hits the fan, the food pack will be ready to serve up. This is much easier than rotating out can food items with shorter shelf life. I have passed on your web site to family members so they can begin to prepare for future events."

- Ralph B.
“I would recommend this product to family and friends…”

"The reason I purchased your product was the whole food ingredients, and the 25 year shelf life. I will feel more secure when I receive my product. Being prepared is way better than being stuck in a catastrophe with nothing. I would recommend this product to family and friends, because of the quality, shelf life, and price."

- Stacy C.
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